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Full custom Shopify E-commerce solution


We built a full custom Shopify experience for the Coterie brand. Keeping the branding clean and simple with focus placed on the product. Our key principles for e-commerce are accessibility and speed.

We are able to utilise all of the socially integrated marketing capabilities through Shopify. Which streamlines the process and allows Coterie to focus on the business.



The Product Design, Development & Production



Lemot had the opportunity to design all of the product range from start to finish – from brand, concept, production to the pip labelling and material selection.

Our ability to source quality products from our experience in dealing with suppliers and production helped us produce a high quality product for Coterie.




 Brand and Product Photography  

To kick the label off we organised photography and a product shoot. Through this experience we were able to develop and highlight the key selling points of the product line.