Monaghan Signs



The Monaghan Signs Re-Brand

Our friends at Monaghan Signs contacted us for a re-design of their existing identity we developed in early 2013. We had to consider all of the brand touch-points we designed and facilitate a roll-out through their business.

After initial conceptual thumbnails and sketches, we created a simple solution for the identity that is clear, informative and a little bit different. 

To ensure their identity reflects the traditional and long history of their business we decided to use a pencil instead of a printer or the like. It all started by hand and that passion still applies today with the team at Monaghan Signs.











The Logo & Element

“We needed to go ‘Back to the future’ with this one”

Maintaining the elements from the initial 2013 design was important as it correlates with not only the long family legacy in the industry but represents the generations with the 3 shield crown dots. 

The shield represents the cultural heritage of the family’s origins so we re-worked the colours slightly to bring in a renewed vigour and deeper contrasting colour palette.





The Website & Development

After developing the re-brand for Monaghan Signs we were given the opportunity to re-develop the Monaghan Signs online website experience. We began the project with our User Experience design and primarily focused on flow. From this point we established the User Interface elements and worked on translating this through our custom framework using WordPress.

The internal framework gives us the ability to focus on the finest details and deliver fast and custom WordPress experiences.







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The Stationery

From business cards, folders, stickers and letterheads we continue to support the team with their stationery items. The continued support in developing these items, helps us assist in Brand Management for the company. This also ensures all touch points continue to communicate the right message.




The Work Truck Uniform

We also had the opportunity to re-design the truck and vehicle wraps for Monaghan Signs.

Our aim was to keep the brand clean and crisp to work in harmony with the Serif typeface used in the logo.