Suncorp Stadium



Suncorp Stadium Membership Collateral

Over the years of working with the team at Suncorp Stadium, we have work on bringing new concepts and fresh identities to their marketing collateral every year.





Online Seating Map Vector

Our team created the online Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG), for the seating configuration displayed on the new Suncorp Stadium website. We designed the map based on satellite imagery of the stadiums location.

Once we produced this seating map, the Suncorp Stadium team developed and implemented the working components on their platform.

You can find the results here.




Suncorp Stadium display media advertising.


2017 Membership Cards

We designed Suncorp Stadium’s Membership cards for the last few years inline with the internal marketing strategies. Below is an example of 2017’s variations and style.










Interactive PDF Design/Development

Through  years of working with the team at Suncorp Stadium, we designed and developed many online and offline PDF’s for ongoing marketing. For each event we develop and support with design services for their campaigns. 

Online PDF’s get special treatment with interactivity, including click links and fillable content.





Character Development and Usage

We were approached by Suncorp Stadium to design a mascot for use through the big screen on-field display. 

We used the character to animate the venues announcements and create accessibility for hearing impaired.








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