Deep Sea Slots &


  • Brus Media


  • Brand Identity
  • App UX/UI design
  • Illustrations and Animations 
  • Website Design & Development


  • Logo design
  • Style guide
  • UX/UI design for game application
  • Illustration and animations
  • Iconography
  • Custom build WordPress website


Deep Sea Slots

Our colleagues from Brus Media approached us for an application development concept to design creative assets for a slots app. 

We began by story boarding the main theme and working together with the team on the user flow and functionality. After our initial mood board was approved and created we jumped right in.

The Logo Design

Branding is the icing on the cake for any game that will be delivered through an app store as this is the first touch point for the user. We wanted to communicate the fun and theme through design.

After creating and developing the characters and elements for the game, we continued with developing the brand identity – not the usual strategy we take with Brand Development in the business world. However, fitting in this instance as there were minimal adjustments to characters and theme prior to reaching the production variations.


The key to the Brand Strategy with this project was for the branding to inspire culture. After doing our research, mood boarding and sketches we came to the conclusion that we would need to come up with a memorable element to work on its own.

The Elements

The focus was to ensure all of our elements were underwater themed. We achieved this from the detailing of the characters to including slight features and textures to the minor elements. “The love is in the detail.”

We illustrated these in vector format from the ground up, all textured in Adobe Illustrator to be as crisp as possible when processed for production/development.

Animations for slider elements and features were processed in Adobe Photoshop and further developed in production by Code Heroes. Brand & Website

Subsequent to the launch of Deep Sea Slots, Brus Media formed to publish and promote several of their platform games. We developed a Brand Identity and Website

We created a fun but clear brand identity, using bright colours and a custom typeface for the logo. We then developed the variations from this and built a simple style guide for for future use.

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