Fawn Coffee Scrubs




  • Logo design
  • Brand stylescape
  • Packaging design

Ethically sourced coffee scrub 

fawn; noun
A young deer; a light brown colour;

Fawn is an Australian based company retailing coffee scrubs that use ethically sourced, ground arabica coffee beans in combination with unique product blends.

The directors of the company approached us to assist them with the design of their brand identity, logo and product packaging.

The concept


When crafting the overall brand concept for Fawn, we first conducted market research to get a deep understanding of the consumers and competition.

From there, we worked on various brand names and concepts to finally adopt the brand name ‘Fawn’ which celebrates rejuvenation, re-birth and naturality.

We then reflected these brand attributes through the fawn icon that became the hero of the logo. The colour palette and font selection were to follow from the same discovery and conceptualisation.

The Fawn stylescape


Once the logo was finalised and before digging into the packaging, we developed a stylescape to reflect the overall feel we envisaged for the brand.

We first defined the colour palette to pastel, subtle colours that both match the consumer demographics and strengthen the overall brand essence.


Working with fawn and their partners, we needed a set of elements to communicate the unique properties and ingredients that go into the products. To do that we chose to use quiet elements in collaboration with the selected colour palette. 

The typography for the brand went through a few revisions to get to the current incarnation. As a unique point of difference, all capitalisation has been removed through all collateral and lowercase is the only used type usage. 

The Packaging


The packaging presented for us a few challenges to solve. We needed to design a packaging that would support the start-up economically and productively whilst being an ethical and sustainable solution that matches the brand essence of Fawn.

We opted for an adhesive label that would enable the company to self-seal in production and communicate to the user the packaging is safe, fresh and non-tampered with. To reflect the organic and ethical solution Fawn products are purposed for, we selected recycled and uncoated paper for the adhesive label stock and the re-sealable bag.

Using a minimalist approach, we let the material, colour and typo shine. Everything non-essential was removed to better expose the substance of the object. Care was also taken in the ingredient labels, presenting the elements quietly throughout the labelling to keep the brand identity prominent.

The concepts illustrated below were our final print ready mock-ups.

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