This is who Yah Marketing is.

We are a Brisbane-based team of passionate individuals with a devotion to creative solutions who run on a lot of positivity.

Whether your company is small, medium-sized or large, your brand deserves to shine. Yah believes in strong branding with a clear visual identity and messaging conveyed through your logo, website, business cards, letterhead and all the other assets.

Our beginnings

“Design is thinking made visual.” – Saul Bass

We are passionate about good design, pretty fonts and creative solutions for your marketing problems.

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Everyone at Yah fell in love with the elements and principles of good design from a very young age. We were the sort of kids who were constantly in trouble with our teachers for scribbling and doodling all over our worksheets and textbooks.

We found the layout, typefaces and colour palettes used in our textbooks more interesting and engaging than the information they held. This natural aptitude for the visual world was later honed by years of study and experience.





















Our mission

Campaigns that drive success

Here at Yah, we aim to provide clients of all sizes with universal, tailored solutions that make a huge impact on their bottom line and ongoing success.

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We want every aspect of your brand to communicate the true essence of your company, its vision and ideals. And we want to do it in a way that makes you stand out from the mass of corny catch lines and subliminal mixed messages that saturates the consumer world.

Meet the management team.

George Pejovic

George Pejovic

CEO & Creative Director

Workaholic, Pixel Pusher, a source of complicated metaphors – but most importantly, George is the heart and soul of Yah. What does he actually do all day? We don’t know! Being the Creative Director, he is constantly juggling 20 projects at once. He enters the office before dawn and leaves way after sunset and still finds time to eat, breathe and mingle in between. It’s a mystery…

Maud Demazure

Maud Demazure

General Manager

French by birth, Queenslander by heart, Maud is our strategic brain. She is the queen of spreadsheets and keeps everyone’s calendar busy around the clock while she is multitasking work plans. Rising with the sun, she spends her free time on a surfboard chasing the perfect swell. So you know how the land lies if she can’t make it because she’s got a ‘Board Meeting’.

Nora Ackermann

Nora Ackermann

Communications Manager

Grown in the concrete Jungle of Berlin, Germany in the past years, Nora kept some peculiar hipster vibes and a strong liking for Soy Lattes. Being an insatiable bookworm, she can quote classic literature and sometimes swears on the Oxford Dictionary. However, she spends most of her weekends as she likes her whiskey: On the rocks (climbing).

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